This article is about the best folding pickup truck bed covers. Folding truck bed covers are a great way to protect your cargo while still having easy access to the bed. There are many good options on the market nowadays.

These covers fold up so you can load or unload things quickly. They keep rain, dust, and prying eyes out when folded down. Materials like aluminum and steel make them sturdy.


Others use soft canvas that rolls up. They usually fold with gas struts or locks for easy use. Top brands make quality folding covers. Companies like BakFlip, Pace Edwards, and Retrax are popular. They offer covers for any truck size at different price points.

Top 6 best folding pickup truck bed covers

In this article, we will talk about the six best folding pickup truck bed covers. I’ll explain what they are made of and how they work. —alsoosts and warranty details.

By the end, you will know which folding cover is best for your needs. Let’s get started looking at these handy truck accessories.

The BakFlip G2 Folding Tonneau Cover

This folding pickup truck bed cover is made from durable UV-treated aluminum panels with a rigid PVC backing to provide strength. Rubber seals run continuously along all the contact edges between each panel and the top edge to form a barrier that keeps water, dust, and debris out of the truck bed. The panels have encased gas struts integrated into their design, allowing them to be manually lifted and folded up in less than 30 seconds, providing quick access to the cargo.

Once folded up, the panels are securely locked into place using a keyed locking mechanism. This same locking system secures the included BakFlip cross rails that mount along the top walls of the truck bed for added cargo protection and security. The aluminum panels and cross rails have a limited lifetime warranty, while the seals and hardware have a five-year coverage. Coming in at around $500, it offers an affordable option for manual operation.

Best folding pickup truck bed covers


  • Pros & Cons

    • Budget Friendly – At around $500, it’s one of the most affordable folding covers out there.
    • Simple to Use – The manual folding panels are easy to lift and securely latch into place.
    • Sturdy Construction – Those aluminum panels and seals will hold up great through rain, snow, and hauling loads.
    • Quick Access – Opens up fast to grab your gear without fussing with latches.
    • Thanks to clever design, Universal Fit – Adjustable height works for almost any short bed truck.
    • Lifting Required – You’ll have to lift and fold those hefty aluminum panels each time manually.
    • Cleaning Needed – Dirt can build up along the seals over time so occasional wiping keeps water out best.

The Pace Edwards Hypotec Folding Tonneau cover

This is the best choice for the Best folding pickup truck bed covers. These covers use heavy-duty steel in their construction, which has been finished with a rugged textured no-mar powder coat. Rubber seals are formed into a continuous perimeter boundary except for integrated vent panels, lowering airflow while preventing water and debris ingress.

Gas shocks integrated into each panel make lifting them upward effortless, and they will automatically lock securely into their upright positions. A remote control is also included which wirelessly operates the cover for open and closed functionality. When closed, keyed locks secure the front rail and rear bar locking mechanisms. The steel carries a lifetime limited warranty on the aluminum material, while the seals and hardware have ten-year coverage. It is priced around $800 and provides a quality folding cover at a mid-range point.

Best folding pickup truck bed covers


  • Pros & Cons

    • Tough Construction – That heavy-duty steel won’t bend or crack like plastic over time. Means long life.
    • Smooth Operation – The gas struts pop each panel up effortlessly for easy access.
    • Adjustable Venting – Integrated vent panels allow airflow while keeping rain out. Handy!
    • Remote Control – No need to climb up top to secure it. Fold from the cab convenience.
    • Security Features – Between locks and struts, nothing gets in without permission.
    • Price Point – As a higher quality unit, it’ll set you back around $800 compared to the other straightforward Parts – More There area there are freeware-reak than a bare-bones hardcover over the long haul.

The RetraxOne Retractable Tonneau Cover

This is a good option for you when you want to purchase the Best folding pickup truck bed covers from Retrax, which uses rigid composite panels reinforced with closed-cell foam for insulation and durability. Its sealing system creates an impenetrable barrier around the entire perimeter to protect the cargo from inclement weather, such as rain, snow, and UV rays.

An integrated electric motor automatically retracts the panels up and neatly into the included cross rails mounted along the truck bed wall tops through programmed operation, no manua; nofting is necessary. Both open and closed operations are performed using a programmable wireless remote control. Ten-year coverage is provided on the structural aspects while it applies to the non-structural hardware. As a higher-end power unit, its price is around $1100, but it offers automatic functionality and a weathertight retention system.

Best folding pickup truck bed covers


  • Pros & Cons

    • Fancy Features – This puppy’s got all the bells and whistles like an automatic opening and a remote!
    • No Lifting – Forget muscle aches, the electric motor stows it away at the push of a button.
    • Weather Warrior – The sealed perimeter design means no droplet gets through during storms.
    • Security Savvy – A programmed remote and locks keep critters and thieves out of sight and out of mind.
    • Long Lasting – Rigid composite and 10-year warranty means it’ll serve you well for years.
    • Pricey – As one of the high-end power options, it’ll set you back around $1100 before installation.
    • Power Needs – Monitor the battery level if you use that remote often.

The TRUXEDO Truxport Folding Tonneau cover

This is a really good choice when you want to purchase the Best folding pickup truck bed covers. It uses aircraft-grade aluminum in its durable panel construction, powder coated for a long-lasting rugged finish. Rubber gaskets form a sealed perimeter around all the contacting panel edges and joints to achieve an IP65 rating blocking water, dust, and debris

. The panels are designed to fold manually into a secure cargo barrier through smooth gas struts. Once folded, they lock tightly into place creating an impenetrable weather seal. Bed rails mount along the bed walls and have integrated stake pocket slots to anchor items further down. The aluminum panels and rails have a limited lifetime warranty while the gaskets and hardware have five-year coverage. With a competitive $800 price, it offers manual operation capability and weatherproof retention.


Here we discuss some pros and cons of the Best folding pickup truck bed covers.

Best folding pickup truck bed covers

  • Pros & Cons

    • Heavy Duty – That aircraft-grade aluminum doesn’t play around. Means long-lasting protection.
    • Sealed Tight – IP65 rating means it’ll keep rain, dust, and critters out better than many others.
    • Smooth – Gas struts lift and lower the panels like butter, no hassle.
    • Included rails -Mounted rails and stake pockets come with so you can lash stuff down securely.
    • LED lights – It even throws in bed lights so you ain’t stumbling in the dark.
    • Manual Labor – You’ll have to lift the hefty panels each time, with no remote button.
    • Basic Style – It’s functional over flashy with no frills like sensors or on-board power.


The Roll-N-Lock Truck Bed Tonneau cover

This is the best option for the best folding pickup truck bed covers. It uses anodized aluminum in its underlying structure and visible panels to prevent corrosion risks. Around the entire perimeter, seamlessly integrated injection molded seals create a barrier keeping water and debris out while still allowing the tonneau to support up to 500 pounds of payload safely.

The panels fold manually into an upright cargo barrier position, engaging a dual-point rotary locking mechanism to stay secure. It carries a lifetime limited warranty on the aluminum components; three years applies to the sealing aspects and hardware. Coming around a very affordable $500 price point, it delivers basic folding hard tonneau functionality.

Best folding pickup truck bed covers


Let’s discuss the pros and cons of the Best folding pickup truck bed covers.

  • Pros & Cons

    • Budget-Friendly – This baby comes in around $500, making it an affordable option.
    • Simple Design – Just basic aluminum panels that easily lift and lock into place.
    • Sturdy Build – That anodized aluminum won’t rust or dent and is built to last through hauling.
    • Basic Features – With the low price comes no frills like remotes, lights, or sensors. Manual Work- You’ll have to fold and unfold the panels by hand each time.

The Access Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau cover

These are the Best folding pickup truck bed covers, featuring a weatherproof UV-treated canvas material tightly stretched across underlying composite support rails running lengthwise in the truck bed. The strong yet flexible composite rails maintain complete water integrity while the attached fabric efficiently locks out moisture penetration.

An integrated electric motor allows automatic retraction of the tonneau up and into the rails through wired control, or the aluminum panels can be manually lifted and folded as an alternate method. Front and rear locking mechanisms are optionally available for added security needs. Limited lifetime coverage applies to the rails and hardware while three years covers the fabric element. Around a $700 competitive rate, it bridges the functionality gap between manual and powered units.

Best folding pickup truck bed covers

Here we explain some pros and cons of the Best folding pickup truck bed covers.

  • Pros & Cons

    • Budget Friendly – Priced around $700, it’s affordable for a power tonneau.
    • Versatile Design – This can be used manually or with the electric motor at the push of a button.
    • Weather resistant – The fabric and composite keep rain, dust, and sun out while riding.
    • Convenient Features – Auto-retract at the remote is a nice upgrade from folding by hand.
    • Lifetime Warranty – Thanks to the long-lasting rail structure, you’re covered for durability.
    • Manual Option – Some folk may want full auto operation instead of lifting panels.
    • Fabric Longevity – Prolonged sun may degrade the material more than hard tops time.

 Key features must consider when you purchase folding pickup truck bed covers

Types of Folding Covers

First, there are a few different styles – hard folding, soft folding, and combo covers with hard tops with foldable tailgates. Hard folders are rigid panels that bend like an accordion, while soft ones use flexible fabric.

Top Brands to Consider

Some top brands making these beauties include BakFlip, Retrax, Access, TRUXPORT, and Pace Edwards. These all have durability and customer reputation so you can choose the best folding pickup truck bed covers.

Materials Used

Quality covers use aluminum, steel, or dense composites reinforced with foam. Look for rugged seals, too, to repel water and dust. A 3-year minimum warranty is standard.

Ease of Use

The best designs unfold in seconds with smooth struts or gas shocks. No fiddly latches or zips to frustrate a fella. Adjustable heights fit any truck too.

Security Features

Locking panels, bed rails, or locks at the front stopper thieves. Mounted lights or cameras add eyes while you’re away.

Price Range

Dependable manual folders typically cost $500-1000. Power versions run $1000-2000 due to electric motors. But they all save money versus tonneau replacement costs.