Penske is one of the largest truck rental companies, serving moving and cargo transport needs across North America. With over 300,000 vehicles in its fleet, Penske offers a variety of truck sizes and body styles suited to different loading capacities and route needs. So in this content, we will guide you about the Do Penske trucks have 3 seats? With complete detail and pros and cons.

Do Penske Trucks Have 3 Seats?

When renting a moving truck, passenger comfort and capacity are important considerations. This article explores whether Penske’s famous rental company offers trucks with 3 seating positions up front. We’ll examine their vehicle options and seating configurations and how these impact passenger transport ability. And we will answer your question: Do Penske trucks have 3 seats?

Do penske trucks have 3 seats?

Penske Fleet Overview

Penske Truck Rental operates over 300,000 vehicles across North America for moving and cargo transport needs. Their fleet includes box trucks, cargo vans, and, most commonly, various truck sizes from 10 to 26 feet. Standard trucks range from Penske’s compact 10-footer up to full-size 26-foot trucks. Body styles include moving trucks with rear cargo areas and windowless cargo versions.

Standard Seating Configurations

The standard cab layout for most Penske rental trucks is a two-seat front bench. This includes their most popular 15-foot and 20-foot moving trucks. The two-seat design prioritizes cargo space over passenger transport. However, two adults can comfortably ride up front during a move. Some compact vans may have bucket seats allowing three people total, but legroom would be tight.

Optional Upgrades Available

While unfamiliar, Penske offers the ability to request trucks with a middle front fold-down seat on some models. This third position provides seating for three adults comfortably. The upgraded option incurs an additional fee but provides valuable passenger capacity. It works well for large families assisting with moving, or shuttle runs between locations. Delivery timeliness cannot be guaranteed for specific seating requests.

Do penske trucks have 3 seats?

Ideal Trucks for 3-Seat Transport

Larger Penske trucks provide the most interior passenger space when three seats are required. Specifically, particular 24-foot and 26-foot trucks have sufficient legroom for a driver’s and two others’ comfortable Transport. Their extended length also affords better outward visibility – essential with extra front occupants. Larger trucks come at a premium price but may be worth it when passengers are a high priority.

Maximizing Passenger Transport

For maximum passenger comfort when bringing extras to help, consider renting the giant Penske truck that can easily navigate your moving route. The added interior room negates tight legroom issues. Stowing loose items securely also prevents passenger contact hazards. With the three-seat upgrade confirmed in advance, larger rental trucks make passenger transport part of the efficient plan.

Do penske trucks have 3 seats?

Alternative Options

There are some alternative options. Do Penske Trucks have 3 seats? Some alternatives exist if three dedicated cab seats don’t fit your rental budget or moving needs. Penske cargo vans can seat two, with room for 1-2 others in the back during short hauls. Rideshares or having one vehicle follow the moving truck split more prominent groups. Rental passenger vans can also pick up helpers between trips. Just be sure the equipment matches your authorized drivers and moving route parameters for safety.

Some additional features in Do Penske Trucks have 3 seats?

  • Cargo Capacity – Moving trucks range from small 10-foot trucks to full-size 26-foot vehicles, with payload ratings from 4,500 to 24,000+ lbs.
  • Rear Door Options – Standard trucks have medium-duty rear swing doors, while some cargo vans have separate side doors for loading large items.
  • Mileage Included – Rates cover unlimited miles, ideal for multi-leg or out-of-town moves without penalty overages.
  • Clean & Maintained – Vehicles are thoroughly inspected and cleaned between each rental to ensure safe working order.
  • Flat Rate Pricing – Upfront pricing per day/week lets customers budget accurately without surprise charges like fuel fees.
  • On-Site Rental – Trucks can be picked up directly from Penske yards near many residential areas for easy access.
  • Moving Safety Kits – Boxes include straps, pads, ramps, dollies, and other protection gear to secure loads professionally.
  • Optional Upgrades – Customers can add moving protection packages or request extended rentals for flexibility.
  • Pros & Cons

    • Passenger Capacity – Allows comfortable Transport of 3 adults up front to help with a move. Legroom – Larger cab sizes provide ample knee space for 3 seats versus compacts. Safety – Extra sets of eyes help navigate and keep an eye out during driving maneuvers. Convenience – Removes the need to follow support vehicles when helpers are onboard. Efficiency – Enables split tasks like driving, navigation, and coordinating helper support.
    • Upcharge Cost – Requires paying an extra fee for the 3rd seat option versus the standard 2 seats.Availability – Specific trucks with upgrades must be reserved ahead of on-site choices.
    Do penske trucks have 3 seats?


Do Penske Trucks have 3 seats? While Penske trucks standardly offer two front bench positions, their optional upgrade provides a three-seat transport capacity when confirmed in advance. More enormous 24-foot and 26-foot models also give the most three-seat cab legroom and visibility. With proper planning, Penske outfitted appropriately maximizes moving efficiency, whether a solo driver or group effort. Just communicate needs upfront, and their fleet assists comfortably in getting your relocation journey started right.